Amongst other things they were thankful for, area MacVouty family celebrated aviary torture and holocaust denial last Thursday.  The family displayed the carcass of a Meleagris Gallopavo individual.  Although the family did not seem to care about the bird's American roots, they did discuss Americans who had helped some European settlers learn the lay of the land.  Carefully avoided was mention of the estimated 100 million people killed in programs of racial extermination throughout the Americas.   

     The bird on the table was one of some 250 million a year to never have been taken under its mothers wing, or seen the light of day.  The family reported being thankful for its flesh, though needed to marinate and add strong flavored sauces to get the meat down. 
Area family celebrates aviary torture, holocaust denial.
    Mr. MacVouty reported obtaining the avian corpse for two crisp portraits of President Andrew Jackson.  Jackson signed into law the "Indian Removal Act of 1830", and famously had had skin of American victims removed to make tack for his horse.  He also had his men remove noses to facilitate body count; the beak of the bird had also been removed at a young age.