Signs of Alien Life from Deep in the Mandelbrot

Scientists announced today that SMSI had discovered a potential signal of intelligent life, from deep in the Mandelbrot set.
    SMSI (Search for Mandelbrot Set Intelligence) scientist Mark Poodal announced a possible detection of an intelligent signal today to a packed press conference in Washington, DC.   "It is with great pleasure that I announce that we may have found the answer to one of mathematics' great mysteries: 'Are we alone?' ".

     The SMSI program uses its screen-saver program to access millions of CPUs around the world to search deep in the mandelbrot set for a sign of intelligent life.  The potential signal came from an area near the real line, at 60 orders of magnitude magnification.  The Fourier transforms that revealed the signal were run on Minnesota resident Scott James' computer; the computer had been running SMSI screensaver nonstop for three years. 

     "We must now scrutinize the signal with extreme care", said Poodal.  "It is difficult to know what kind of life may lurk in complex dimensions and scales vanishingly small". 

     Poodal also spoke of a recent SMSI spinoff run by, who announced they would send public messages deep into the four dimensional tetrabrot space, for a small fee. 

     "Everyone has seen the beauty of fractals, and their natural, lifelike behavior.  With a virtual infinity of different 'brots to explore, it was only a matter of time before we found one with intelligence"  explained Poodal, who spoke in front of a writhing color-cycling backdrop of a rotating mini-brot.