Not content with the increasingly meager winter hazards presented by mother nature, Seacoast towns are converting more and more to a salt-based winter hazard economy.  Portsmouth based International Salt company has raised its prices to deal with increased demand to over $40 per ton. 

     "At $40 per ton, we are breaking even with associated township salt damage costs", said a Rockingham county official during a New Hampster interview, citing recent estimates that road and bridge damages due to salt are in the $40 per ton range.  "However, other local economic costs are higher".  Salt damage to cars is estimated to add billions to the US economy every year in body work and new car sales, while environmentalists are kept employed to monitor salt-poisoning. 
Dreaming of a White Christmas: Salt to replace snow as seacoast winter hazard
    While some northern and mountain territories can rely on lots of crystallized H20 to fall on their roads, seacoast residents must often look to other compounds.  Increasingly, the answer has been found in importing chlorides stripped from vast South American salt flats. 
    Without the opportunity to learn driving skills on snowy roads, locals are concentrating their navigation skills on the unpredictable patchiness of wet salted highways.
    And small wonder!  With every crystal unique, salt is a wonderful addition to any holiday season.