Area stoner Brad Hilksley was forced to use a "No War on Iraq" pin to clean his pipe late Tuesday afternoon, reported his suitemates Bill and Jeff.  
    "Well, I guess it's kinda too late to prevent that war anyway", said Bill, in defense of his friend.  "Brad probably got more use out of a few resin hits than any political impact of the pin".  
    The friends were not entirely oblivious to the irony and hidden meanings of the decision:  "Maybe if we hadn't spent $100 billion on the war, Brad would be able to afford a bag", chuckled Jeff.  "That stuff we got last month was definitely the WMD, real one hit shit".  The manipulation of drug markets to finance and profit from war is well documented dating back to the Anglo-Chinese "opium war" in the 1830s.  
    In related news, AP reported that an American mercenary had used an old "Fight the Drug War" pin to post a curfew and gun confiscation notice in Sadr city.  
"No War on Iraq" Pin Used to Clean Pipe